Mr Mowtivator

3 Year Service Plan

Our Best Value

  • Labor

    All labor covered for 3 years!

  • Maintenance

    All preventative maintenance is covered for 3 years.

  • Response Time

    Super fast response time for break downs, within 72 hours!

  • Special Care Kit

    Receive a special end of season care kit with your 3 year service plan purchase.

What’s Included?

With our 3 year service plan you receive the following:

Free Fuel Filter for First Service
One complete service per year for 3 years
Complimentary Battery charger
Sufficient Fuel Treatment for 3 years
All labor for any unexpected breakdowns for 3 years

In order to Purchase the Service Agreement, You Must Agree to the Following Terms & Conditions:

The service agreement becomes valid once all of the following have been completed:
Mr. Mowtivator services, inspects, and approves your equipment (not necessary for mowers 5 years old or newer)
Mr. Mowtivator receives your full payment for the agreement
Both parties have signed and received a copy of the service agreement
The service agreement begins on the first anniversary date of your first service, which begins the 3 year term. We also have an optional addendum for this contract to cover you for the period between contract signing and your first annual service.
Mr. Mowtivator is not responsible for neglect &/or abuse to your equipment.
Mr. Mowtivator is not an authorized warranty dealer for any manufacturer.
Any breach of the terms of the agreement by the customer cancels the agreement in its entirety.
No refunds are offered for the service agreement.
Our response time for breakdowns will be 72 hours. However, our ability to make repairs are contingent upon not having inclement weather.
Schedule an appointment for inspection of your machine to qualify for contract approval and acceptance! If your mower has been repaired or serviced by Mr. Mowtivator this year the inspection is not required but the machine must not be broken or damaged since the last service or repair!